With the White House Threatening PFAS Clean Up, John James’ Refusal to Stand Up to Trump Would Put Michigan At Risk

John James’ 2000% support for President Trump and his agenda would be disastrous for Michigan’s drinking water and public health. As the White House continues to raise objections to the bipartisan, Senate-approved provisions requiring the Department of Defense to transition away from using PFAS chemicals, it’s clear John James’ refusal to disagree with President Trump would put Michigan at risk. Despite evidence that the White House’s position would leave Michigan’s service members, firefighters, and water exposed to harmful chemicals, James has remained silent.

“As the White House continues to threaten Michigan’s drinking water and public health, John James’ silence shows just how disastrous his 2000% support for President Trump’s agenda would be for the state,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “PFAS contamination poses harm to firefighters, service members, and Michigan’s clean water, yet James refuses to stand up to the White House. Michiganders want an independent voice defending them in Washington, not someone who would cave to political pressure and rubber stamp Trump’s agenda at the expense of our state.”

Since launching his second bid for the Senate, John James has repeatedly shown he can’t be trusted to stand up to President Trump and be an independent advocate for Michigan. James has failed to name a single issue he disagrees with Trump on, and said he would only voice his concerns in private. James also infamously tried to erase his 2000% support for the president from his social media posts before launching his campaign.

Recent polling shows Michiganders are souring on Trump and his agenda heading into 2020. An EPIC-MRA poll conducted in June showed 54% of Michiganders viewed Trump unfavorably, and a poll from August shows only 34% said they would vote to re-elect Trump. The latest polling from Morning Consult finds Trump 12 points underwater in Michigan and his net approval in the state since taking office has dropped by a whopping 20 points.


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