Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response: 75,000 Dead, Over 20 Million Jobs Lost

LANSING– Newly released unemployment numbers highlight how Donald Trump’s erratic COVID-19 response has failed working families, with over 20 million losing their jobs in the past week. Since the outbreak began, over 1.3 million Michiganders have applied for unemployment.

The over 20 million lost jobs sent the unemployment rate skyrocketing to 14.7% as workers struggle to find work. The numbers come as Trump’s inadequate response has failed to contain a pandemic that has already killed over 75,000 and the desperate president attempts to “reopen” the country without the testing needed or a plan to protect everyday workers.

“At every turn, Donald Trump has failed in his response to COVID-19 and now 75,000 are dead and over 20 million jobs have been lost,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “Trump’s inadequate preparation and continued erratic response to this pandemic have devastated working families across Michigan. Donald Trump has no plan to contain this disaster as the country stumbles from crisis to crisis and everyday people suffer as a result.”

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