New Poll Shows John James & “2000%” Support for Trump Failing to Gain Traction in Michigan, Again

Target Insyght Poll Shows James has Lost Ground Since April Survey, Now Down 16 & Losing Independents by 25 Points

A new MIRS/Target Insyght poll found that failed Senate candidate John James’ campaign and his record of supporting President Trump 2000% isn’t gaining traction in Michigan, again. The poll has James trailing Senator Gary Peters 53-37, a 16-point gap that has grown since the last survey in April. Peters also leads with independents by 25 points (44% to 19%), another dramatic shift that shows how James’ 2000% support for Trump is hurting him with swing voters. 

James has barely campaigned in state since announcing another run less than a year after his first failed Senate bid. He has yet to hold a public campaign event, and has dodged Michigan media to instead take softball interviews on Fox News. James still hasn’t explained to Michiganders why he tried to erase his statements from his unsuccessful 2018 campaign, and he cannot name a single issue he disagrees with Trump on — more evidence he does not have the independence to stand up for Michigan. 

“John James and his 2000% support for Trump are failing to gain traction again with Michigan voters,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “Since announcing, James has been virtually absent in Michigan and refuses to name a single issue he disagrees with President Trump on. These numbers show James’ hiding from Michigan is setting him up to be rejected once again.” 

Polls show James’ close ties to Trump are a big problem for him in Michigan. The last EPIC-MRA poll conducted in June showed 54% of Michiganders viewed Trump unfavorably. Another poll from Morning Consult finds Trump 12 points underwater in Michigan and his net approval in the state since taking office has dropped by a whopping 20 points. Even the Trump campaign itself is “pessimistic” and “increasingly grim” about their chances of winning Michigan this time around. 

Senator Gary Peters has a history of winning tough races, and this poll shows his continued electoral strength with Michigan voters. Peters held his Congressional seat in 2010, surviving the national Tea Party wave in a district that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder carried by 26 points in the same year. Peters was also the top vote getter in Michigan in 2014, defeating his Republican opponent by 13 points in a difficult year for Democrats in Michigan and around the country. 


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