Michigan Press Slam John James Dodging Media: “Sounds Like You Can’t Stand On Your Own Two Feet. And It’s Not a Good Look.”

“The less that they have John James on the record on anything, anywhere, I think they think is the best”

—Kyle Melinn, MIRS

As Republicans grow “increasingly grim” about their odds in Michigan, failed Senate candidate John James isn’t doing much to ease their concerns. In fact, James isn’t doing much of anything at all in Michigan — sidestepping public events and local press for Fox News appearances and staying “under wraps” rather than talk to Michiganders about his toxic agenda. In two separate recent interviews, Michiganders slammed James’ efforts to duck accountability, warning that “Fox News doesn’t win” and calling the failed candidate’s attempts to avoid scrutiny “not a good look.”

Here’s what they’re saying about James’ transparent attempts to hide from Michiganders:

MIRS’ Kyle Melinn: “Now, his folks were not all that excited about having him talk to the media.”

Melinn: “The less that they have John James on the record on anything, anywhere, I think they think is the best… the last time he ran, he did have some interviews where after – and I ran a couple in MIRS, you look at and you’re like ‘hmm. Okay.’ And I think they’re trying to avoid those moments… And so that’s why you’re seeing a lot of Fox News with him, because first of all, they’re going to get a favorable interview. They’re going to expand his visibility nationwide so he can get more, you know get more checks rolling in. So the less that they have to deal with us pesky media for now, the better.”

WILS’ Dave Akerly: “Yeah. I’m not sure that’s gonna work. You know? You’re not running for President here. You’re running for Senator, and I understand you want to get national donors. But you still have to make a Michigan connection and being kept under wraps sounds like you can’t stand on your own two feet. And it’s not a good look.”

Melinn: “You know, when the Republicans ran Terri Land in 2014, and she was basically hidden from the media at every turn.”

Akerly: “I had interviewed Terri Lynn Land, but Terri Lynn Land could stand on her own. That was a mistake by their campaign. That was a colossal mistake. It didn’t work. It backfired.”

Melinn: “No it didn’t work. And at some point, John James will have to talk. And I’m sure he will. I mean shoot, we’re a long ways away. We’re not even a year out from any time he’s going to have to face Gary Peters… but for now, he’s not being particularly accessible to many folks on the media side.”

Listen to the damning WILS radio segment here.

Even Michigan conservatives like Dennis Lennox are calling out James’ evasiveness, observing that he’s “not really campaigning” and that “Fox News is not going to win him the general election.”


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