Michigan Democratic Party Statement on the 85th Anniversary of Social Security

The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of spokesman Christian Slater on the 85th anniversary of Social Security and Donald Trump’s attempts to unilaterally gut the program:

“Donald Trump failed to contain COVID-19 while creating an economic crisis with unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, and is now unilaterally attempting to gut funding for Social Security. At a time when Michigan’s seniors can least afford it, Trump is threatening their economic support and security. Social Security’s 85th birthday should serve as a reminder that this November, Michigan seniors have a choice between a candidate committed to strengthening and expanding this critical program and a candidate doing everything he can to slash its funding. Our state needs a leader like Joe Biden who will stand with working people and fight to support Michiganders who are struggling through a global pandemic and economic crisis, not one who attacks the programs they rely on at every turn.”

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