MDP Chair Lavora Barnes Blasts GOP Voter Suppression Efforts at Voting Rights Roundtable

DETROIT– At a voting rights roundtable today, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes blasted Republican attacks on voting rights and their efforts to deny Michigan communities access to the ballot. In her remarks, Chair Barnes also highlighted the work the Michigan Democratic Party is doing to stand up to voter suppression tactics and ensure all Michiganders have the tools and information they need to vote.

The roundtable came after the RNC announced a $10 million voter suppression fund and made Michigan voters the first target.

“Donald Trump and the Republican party are doing everything they can to suppress the vote and silence Michiganders’ voices for their own political gain,” said MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “The Republican party claimed the fight for voting rights is ‘rigging the game.’ Well I say, when you deny communities a voice in our political process, that’s rigging the game. When you fight to keep laws that disproportionately deny black and brown voters access to the ballot, that’s ‘rigging the game.’ The Michigan Democratic Party is making investments in organizing and voter protection early in this cycle. We have a team of professionally trained staff, and over a thousand volunteers throughout the state, dedicated to getting Michiganders registered and voting, and fighting voter suppression tactics wherever we see them.”

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