James Trying to Run From Previous “2000%” Support for Trump & His Agenda, While Welcoming Trump Admin Endorsements and Refusing to Say Where He Disagrees with the President

Trump Team Becomes “Increasingly Grim” About Losing Michigan & Republicans Worry About “Shadow Trump Will Inevitably Cast” on John James’ Senate Campaign

John James’ 2000% support for Donald Trump was on full display at the Republican Leadership Conference in Mackinac this week — even as the GOP grows “pessimistic” about their chances in Michigan. The failed U.S. Senate candidate has tried – and failed – to distance himself from the unpopular president, and three moments this weekend underscore how James is not independent enough to stand up for Michigan:

  • James “Didn’t Shy From” 2018 Positions: In his interview with MLive, James reportedly “didn’t shy from” the positions he held in 2018. During his last run for Senate, James was loudly supportive of the Trump administration’s attacks on affordable health care and giant tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations. By doubling down on those positions, James confirmed he’s still on board with the Trump agenda this time around. 
  • Failure to Name Issues He Disagrees with Trump On: John James was asked yet again to name a single thing he disagrees with Trump on, and he refused. He explained he will only voice his opposition in private. It’s hard to believe John James can properly represent Michigan voters when he refuses to tell them when he disagrees with the President. 

“Even with Trump struggling in Michigan, John James’ 2000% support for the president was on full display this weekend,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “John James lost in 2018 because he failed to show Michiganders that he would be an independent voice for our state. He’s running the same failed playbook now as he cozies up to the White House instead of standing up for what’s important to Michigan families: affordable health care, bringing down the costs of prescription drugs and making sure the economy works for our small businesses — not the giant corporations that just got a massive tax break.”


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