Follow the Money: John James Leaves Michigan Again to Fundraise with Top Trump Fundraiser in Florida

James Attending Out-Of-State Fundraiser Hosted at the Home of Trump Finance Committee Member

LANSING — Today, Senate candidate John James is leaving Michigan once again to rub elbows with national Republican big money donors. This time he’s in Florida at an event hosted by Judson Sapp, a member of President Trump’s finance committee. The event comes just days after Trump sent a fundraising email on behalf of James’ campaign, more proof that James’ “2000%” support for the president and his agenda is alive and well. 

This also continues the trend of James spending virtually all his time hitting the national Republican circuit courting GOP donors and Fox News hosts, while barely showing his face in Michigan outside of conservative talk radio. In the first weeks of his campaign, James attended a three-day retreat with GOP mega-donors in Chicago, was in the swamp fundraising with Mitch McConnell, and is now in Florida with Trump’s finance team. Back in Michigan, he’s mostly been laying low on the campaign trail.

“Today’s fundraiser combines two of John James’ favorite things: leaving Michigan and Donald Trump,” said Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Alex Japko. “Based on his campaign so far, it’s clear that James is spending far more time rubbing elbows with out-of-state wealthy donors and winning support from President Trump than listening to Michiganders. If he won’t make time for Michigan now, why would voters trust him to represent them in the Senate?” 


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