After Erasing His “2000%” Support for Trump From the Public, John James Asks Trump to Help Him Fundraise

Trump Fundraising Email for John James: “I Stand With Him 100%”

LANSING — John James is trying to have it both ways on Donald Trump. 

After trying to hide his allegiance to Trump since launching his second bid for Senate, James showed his true colors today by asking the President to fundraise for his campaign. In an email to supporters, Trump exposed what we knew all along: that he stands with John James “100%.”

The email comes after James spent months trying to hide his support for Trump from Michigan voters. James got caught erasing posts highlighting his record of standing with Trump “2000%” and his support for the President’s effort to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act. Then he got caught cropping Trump’s name out of pictures on his social media. He also refused to comment on Trump’s recent xenophobic and widely condemned attacks. 

His strong ties to Trump could be damaging in Michigan, where a recent poll showed the President’s approval underwater by double-digits. 

“This email proves that John James’ months’ long charade with Trump is officially over,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “The fact that James is begging Trump to raise money for him proves he’s the same exact candidate Michigan voters overwhelmingly rejected less than a year ago. James still supports Trump 2000% and no matter how hard he tries, he can never erase that.” 

Whole Fundraising email below: 

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