Weekly Roundup: Desperate Dixon Needs the DeVos Family to Stop the Bleeding

It can’t be easy being the flagship candidate of a party being called out at as “bigger losers than the Detroit Lions,” led by a co-chair that took 9/11 of all days (really) to hurl homophobic slurs at a Cabinet secretary, but someone has to do it. After wasting August and a decent chunk of September too, DeVos “mini-me” Tudor Dixon was finally pushed to join us outside, but still “can’t seem to get off the bench and into the game.” What she did seem to do leaves a lot to be desired.

Expect Dixon to Crack the Bottomless DeVos Safe Very Soon

We know the Dixon-Hernandez camp is allergic to facts but the numbers speak for themselves. We are just 53 days out, resources are exponentially critical with each passing day, and Dixon’s gubernatorial bid is one of the “most incompetently run statewide campaigns that we’ve seen in at least a dozen years.” 

Her consistent failures are being called out even from political observers with no skin in the game. On a recent episode of Off the Record, Bridge Michigan journalist Jonathan Oosting also arrived at the conclusion that Dixon “doesn’t appear [to have] the money to get out on TV and make a real dent.”

But not so fast.

While it’s fun to note that MIGOP still hasn’t cut a check, waiting in the wings is Betsy DeVos and the rest of her fabulously flush family. As we’ve noted, they’ve already funneled “more than $4 million” to outside groups and are still expected to spend upwards of “30 million” to make good on projections that MI-GOV will be “one of the most expensive midterms fights yet.” 

The G in GOP Stands for Governor Whitmer

Someone spent the week locking up Republican support, and it’s not who you think. 

While Tudor Dixon has been catering to national special interests, Governor Whitmer’s campaign rolled out ‘Republicans for Whitmer,’ a coalition made up of over 150 Republicans – many of whom worked in the Engler and Snyder administrations – because it doesn’t take much to see that Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda would harm working families and wreck our economy. An event rolling out the head-turning group was held right in Dixon’s backyard of Grand Rapids. It was a united masterclass of bipartisanship that stood in stark contrast to the divisive and bitter infighting that has rocked the MIGOP to its core and left Dixon flat-footed.

Who Said Peer Pressure Doesn’t Work?

After a solid month and a half of pressuring Disappearing Dixon to come outside, she finally did it with a series of “please stop talking about abortion because I don’t wanna” press conferences to roll out her vision for public safety. It’s a tough perch to pitch policy from, considering Dixon is continuing to advocate for a plan that threatens the “primary funding source” providing over 60% of the Michigan State Police budget and threatening thousands of law enforcement jobs. 

How much more can really be expected, though, from the same person who grossly mismanaged the budget of her own “dirty,” “nasty” company?

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