Disappearing Dixon: Has Anyone Seen Tudor Dixon or Her Campaign?

LANSING — It appears Michigan has our very own Houdini in Tudor Dixon. Since her formal nomination as the Michigan Republican candidate for Governor several weeks ago, Dixon hasn’t made a single real effort to make herself known to the people of the Great Lakes State. 

Instead of answering the tough questions Michiganders deserve to know ahead of November, Dixon has spent her time catering to national special interests so they will continue to pump money into her flailing campaign to push their extreme agenda. 

We found her last week making herself comfortable on right-wing cable news outlets in D.C. who cater to her dangerous views on abortion, education, and infrastructure funding. She’s gravitated to the friendly and controlled environment right-wing national cable provides over 20 times since the August primary.   

But back in the state she’s running to lead, Dixon refuses to respond to local press or show her face at public events unless she has an open exit to run from the media. She’s so absent from the campaign trail that journalists are “surprised” when she agrees to an interview despite being at the top of the ticket – no better example of just how little she’s focused on Michigan. 

It’s clear that Tudor Dixon’s plan is to hide from voters so she does not have to be accountable for her dangerous agenda – like her stance on abortion that the majority of Michiganders disagree with – and instead spend her time catering to national special interests, so it makes sense that Dixon has gravitated toward puff pieces conducted by her far-right besties on Fox and Friends and the likes of Laura Ingraham. She knows they won’t ask her the tough questions Michiganders want to know. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement: 

“Despite Dixon’s disappearing act while she focuses on courting national special interests instead of talking to Michiganders, it’ll take real magic for voters to forget her dangerous and out-of-touch agenda that would harm Michigan’s hardworking families.  When a candidate spends her time charming D.C. special interests instead of making herself available to voters with regular public events and local media, it’s pretty clear she’s not planning on working on behalf of the people.”

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