WATCH: The Only Thing Scarier Than Tudor Dixon’s Horror Films is Her Wrong-for-Michigan Agenda

Today, the Michigan Democratic Party is out with a new video highlighting the fact that Tudor Dixon’s backwards agenda deserves far more screams than one of the “offensive” and “disgusting” horror productions she’s starred in. 

The conspiracy theorist and wrong-for-Michigan radical has spent over a year showing working families exactly how harmful a Dixon administration would be for them. Her vision for Michigan includes supporting illegal blockades that kneecap the auto industry and our economy, public schools that don’t have the resources to set our kids up for success, and stripping the right to choose from millions of women and families – without exception for rape, incest, or health of the mother.

WATCH the new video here and read the full transcript at the bottom:

MDP Spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Conspiracy theorist and wrong-for-Michigan radical Tudor Dixon won’t rest until her dangerous agenda harms as many working families as possible. That’s why the DeVos family are eagerly behind her, bankrolling her efforts to let our economy suffer the next time it suits one of her political whims, decimate public schools, and strip reproductive freedom from millions. Michiganders won’t let Dixon’s horror show of a campaign be greenlit for a sequel in the governor’s office.”

Supporting information can be found below:

Dixon Cheered on the Ambassador Bridge Blockade, Panned GM’s 4,000 Job-Creating, $7 Billion Dollar Investment in Michigan

Tudor Dixon’s disdain for the auto industry has been evident to working families since she launched her bid for governor.

As “major international gateway” Ambassador Bridge was shut down due to an illegal blockade that impacted $356 million of goods daily, Dixon threw her support behind this major economic chokehold on Michigan and encouraged it to continue.

The auto industry suffered “$299.9 million in direct losses,” and assembly plants at GM and Ford were forced to cancel shifts due to a lack of parts traveling across the bridge, which resulted in workers weathering up to $51 million in lost wages.

Additionally, Dixon was dismissive of GM’s $7 billion dollar investment in “making Michigan the ‘hub’ of electric vehicle development and manufacturing.” Dixon supporter and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey even praised the deal as a “historic” job-creator, as GM is expected to bring 4,000 new good-paying positions to Michigan. 

Dixon Sold Out to Do Betsy DeVos’ Bidding, Rewrite Michigan’s Constitution So She Can Gut Public Education

Tudor Dixon has been one of the most vocal gubernatorial candidates pledging to decimate public education funding by any means necessary. It’s no wonder the DeVos family recently committed to bankrolling her campaign. 

Last year, she voiced her support for “the latest effort by legislative Republicans to create a school voucher system in Michigan” and vowed to sign the attempt to privatize education and steal $500 million annually from public schools into law as governor.

Dixon also announced that repealing Michigan’s constitutional ban on using public money for private education was a top priority for her campaign. Dixon also said she “absolutely” backed a tax plan that would slash $3.5 billion from public schools.

Dixon Pledged to Ban Abortion With “No Exceptions” For Rape, Incest, And Health of the Mother

Tudor Dixon is a staunch supporter of the currently dormant law from 1931 that criminalizes abortion and remains on the books in Michigan. Described as a “good law” by Dixon, the near-total ban would make felons out of reproductive health care providers and does not include exceptions for rape or incest. Right to Life Michigan, which recently endorsed Dixon, touted the law as the most restrictive in the country. It would immediately go back into effect if Roe v. Wade gets overturned nationally.

Dixon has plainly stated that she would was against all exceptions to abortion, even when the health of the mother was at risk. 

She recently got caught claiming that Planned Parenthood has employed a “business model” to “introduce sex” to “7th graders” so they can profit off of “plenty of abortions in high school” without offering any evidence to support this baseless conspiracy theory.

Video transcript:

ON-SCREEN TEXT: We watched some of Tudor Dixon’s horror movies.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: They were almost as scary as her dangerous agenda.

TUDOR DIXON: These truck drivers, they’re being told, “If you don’t do exactly what we say, you are not going across the border anymore.” And they’re saying, “You know what? We’re done with this.”

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Supported trucker blockade, costing Michigan workers millions in lost wages.

REPORTER: Dick DeVos says his family is endorsing West Michigan businesswoman and conservative commentator Tudor Dixon. 

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Backed by Betsy DeVos.

DIXON: I am a pro-life candidate, no exceptions. No exceptions. No exceptions.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Supports total abortion ban.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Don’t let Tudor Dixon turn Michigan into a horror movie.

DIXON: Do I have your attention now?

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