There Are Four Weeks Left in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Four weeks from today, and after much meddling in favor of certain candidates that have since been disqualified from the ballot, the MIGOP will finally have a gubernatorial nominee to advance to the fall against Governor Whitmer.

One look at the options on the ballot, and it’s clear to see why even the MIGOP has openly admitted they have no “clear and identifiable frontrunner right now” as voters remain largely undecided.

Out-of-touch millionaire Kevin Rinke – who has been sued multiple times by his own employees for racial and sexual harassment – is pushing a wrong-for-Michigan agenda that would hurt working families. It features a “piss-poor public policy proposal” that would “drain $12 billion in state revenues” annually without alternative funding for the critical services that would be drastically impacted by his budget plan. The used Toyota salesman also continues to throw his millions behind a “flat-out false” TV ad broadcasting completely unfounded election conspiracy theories in order to justify his crusade to make it harder for Michiganders to vote.

Following the implosion of Perry Johnson and James Craig, who is now running a write-in campaign that has been even more of a joke than his traditional bid, Tudor Dixon appears to be the third and latest candidate to brandish the depreciated title of MIGOP-insider favorite. She has a special interest-backed, wrong-for-Michigan agenda that would dismantle public education, eliminate reproductive freedom, and hurt major pillars of Michigan’s economy – especially when the auto industry is involved. She has claimed there was not an insurrection, defended charged insurrectionist and fellow competitior Ryan Kelley, and pushed conspiracy theories on a number of issues – including her unfounded claim that Planned Parenthood has a “business model” to bring sex ed to schools so they can profit off abortions.

A testament to just how radical the primary field is, known and charged insurrectionist Ryan Kelley is currently enjoying a surge to the top after the FBI raided his home and arrested him on multiple criminal charges. Every other Republican gubernatorial candidate and both MIGOP co-chairs “rushed” to his defense on the day of his arrest – despite knowing it was for participating in the violent insurrection on January 6th that resulted in five deaths and 140 injured law enforcement officers. Many have speculated that it has helped distinguish him among the crowded field.

Through messaging that he has conceded “does not portray current reality,” snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano has spewed countless conspiracy theories and lies, whether they be of the anti-vaxx, anti-fair election, anti-law and order, or anti-choice variety. He wants to defund Michigan’s 15 public universities, which he described as “indoctrination centers,” and is pledging to conduct “massive spending cuts” to critical services like public education, local law enforcement, and Michigan’s roads and bridges. The highlight of his campaign was stating that survivors of sexual assault should not be able to have abortions because “God put them in this moment.”

Like the rest of the field, pastor and general extremist Ralph Rebandt is also running to drag Michigan backwards.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“The Republican gubernatorial primary is four weeks away, but tough to tell based on the state of the MIGOP and their still crowded pack of candidates that continue to struggle with distinguishing themselves from one another. That’s because Kevin Rinke, Tudor Dixon, Ryan Kelley, Garrett Soldano, and Ralph Rebandt have pushed extreme agendas that would decimate public education, eliminate reproductive freedom, and slash funding for law enforcement. Our working families deserve leadership that will continue to keep them first.”

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