NEW Video: Failed Candidate John James “Erased” His Beliefs

“Right now, nothing has changed – except John James.”

TPM: John James “deleted hundreds of past campaign videos”

LANSING—The Michigan Democratic Party released a new video highlighting how failed Senate candidate John James “erased” his record of support for unpopular policies that would hurt Michigan families. James starts his second Senate campaign facing questions about why, just days after his 6.5-point loss to Senator Debbie Stabenow last year, he deleted hundreds of social media posts outlining his toxic agenda.

Watch the video here: LINK >>

Watch Erased: LINK >>

A transcript of “Erased” is below:

James: “Well, I’d like to announce that I am running for Senate… Right now, nothing has changed.”

ON-SCREEN: Really? Nothing has changed?

James: “Supporting our president’s agenda, 2,000%.”


James: “Our failure to repeal and replace Obamacare is the surest sign that we need someone who will go and work their tail off to remove this monstrosity.”


James: “The job Betsy DeVos is doing at the Department of Education, I think, is very, very good.

“Right now, nothing has changed.”

ON-SCREEN: Except John James. Who started this campaign by erasing his beliefs.”


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