Failed Republican Candidate Launches Another Senate Campaign, Faces New Questions on His Record

LANSING—The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement today on behalf of MDP Chair Lavora Barnes regarding the announcement that failed Republican candidate John James will run for the U.S. Senate again:

“Voters in 2018 soundly rejected John James and his platform that ignored the hard-working families of Michigan. Michigan voters will not be fooled by a reworked image of a failed candidate. We are very fortunate to have Gary Peters working hard for all of us in the U.S. Senate and representing the interests of Michiganders in every corner of the state.

“The Republicans are making a bold choice in trying to remake John James into a palatable candidate following a failed campaign filled with missteps and policy plans that did not represent the best interests of Michiganders. James is wrong on health care, the Great Lakes, and his support of the policies of the current President. 

“Gary Peters wants Michigan jobs to stay in Michigan and will fight for policies that bring more jobs home. Candidates that need to hide their past positions will not appeal to Michigan voters, who know an empty suit when they see one. Senator Peters does not need a delete button. We know he is fighting for us.”

Shortly after his 6.5-point loss to U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, John James was caught deleting “hundreds of past campaign videos” that outlined the unpopular and toxic positions he ran on during his failed 2016 campaign, including posts about dismantling the health care system.


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