MDP Statement on Mike Brown’s Campaign Announcement

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party is responding to Mike Brown’s gubernatorial announcement by reminding MIGOP insiders that it’s awfully hard to stage the coronation of any candidate — especially ones like notorious question-dodger James Craig who refuse to engage with Michiganders on any level. Michigan State Police Captain Mike Brown is simply the latest to take notice, making this primary even more crowded and divisive than it already was.

Expect Brown, the 10th Republican to join the race, to fit right in alongside extremists like snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano, online commentator Tudor Dixon, and insurrectionist Ryan Kelley — all prolific anti-vaxxers that would prefer no efforts be made to curb the spread of this pandemic. In his announcement video, Brown also railed against public health measures taken during the height of COVID-19 that saved lives

However, and much like James Craig, Brown has already failed one of the major purity tests of this primary in “not answer[ing] directly” whether he thinks the 2020 election was legitimate. Out of step with the Republican base in Michigan, he declared the still contested race “done” even as elected diehard conservatives like Sen. Ed McBroom get censured across the state for concluding that the election was conducted above board.

The five other candidates in the race are Ralph Rebandt, Bob Scott, Austin Chenge, Evan Space, and Articia Bomer — all sporting candidacies that reflect the extreme rightward direction in which the Michigan Republican grassroots have been headed in as they completely take over the party. 

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement:

“The utter grassroots rejection of the James Craig coronation has to be making the MIGOP sweat a bit this morning. Opponent criticisms of his sham candidacy will only grow with each day party insiders keep their thumbs on the scales in his favor. Who’s to blame Republicans like Mike Brown for seeing an opening in a race against a supposed ‘frontrunner’ that continues to hide from Michiganders and local press?

As the warring factions of Michigan Republicans battle for control of this bitter and divisive primary, Governor Whitmer has worked to deliver historic, multi-billion dollar investments into our public education system and secure crucial flood relief and local police department funding — all without raising taxes. Additionally, Whitmer has put Michigan back to work. Statewide unemployment is the lowest it has been since the pandemic began and we’ve experienced the fastest economic growth in the Midwest.”

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