Top Takeaways: In Yesterday’s “Off-Broadway” Line Test, James Craig Disclosed Little, Continued to Dodge Local Reporters, and Was Bizarrely Fixated on Maxine Waters

LANSING — Yesterday, James Craig delivered what Republican John Sellek accurately forecasted would be an “off-Broadway” dress rehearsal of his consultant-drafted lines to “see what the reaction is from the crowd.” 

MIGOP co-chair and corrupt political boss Ron Weiser, his counterpart Meshawn Maddock, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey were just a few of the party insiders in attendance to show their support despite the gubernatorial primary having six declared candidates, none of which are Craig.

Reading off two teleprompters, Craig “stuck to the broad strokes” when it came to establishing where he stands on the issues, vaguely proclaiming at one point that he was “pro-America” and “pro-freedom” as if that clears anything up. 

In many sections of his speech, Craig sounded like he was gearing up to run in a different election and state entirely, arbitrarily saving his harshest criticism for Maxine Waters, who serves in the U.S. House and is from California.

After his remarks, Craig’s consultants and handlers closed ranks around him, swiftly ushering him back into his SUV while he dodged local reporters, a point not lost in the coverage:

Detroit Free Press: “Craig shook hands with a few supporters but quickly climbed into an SUV and was driven away, without taking questions from reporters. Among the questions he did not answer: whether he endorses false and unsubstantiated claims made by many Republicans in Michigan and across the U.S. that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump as a result of widespread fraud, including alleged fraud in the city where he ran the police force.”

Bridge Michigan: “In what was billed as his first political speech since retiring as police chief on June 1, Craig appeared to read prepared remarks from a teleprompter. He did not take questions from reporters, ducking into a black SUV after taking a few selfies with supporters.”

AP: “‘There will be plenty of time to address issues and leadership in the near future. Today, in Jackson, our focus is on the founding of our party,’ Craig told a crowd…He quickly left the event without speaking to reporters.”

Deadline Detroit: “Indeed, he dipped quickly without taking questions, stopping only for a couple photos…”

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