MDP Statement Blasting Pence’s Extreme Agenda Following Michigan Visit 

Today, Trump’s partner in crime, Mike Pence visited Michigan to promote an out-of-touch DeVos-backed voucher scheme and raise money for extremist GOP candidate for Congress Tom Barrett. 

Despite Michigan voters already rejecting Pence and DeVos’ schemes to hurt our education system when they voted them out of office two years ago, the GOP are more focused than ever on pushing radical agendas that will hurt students, working families, and more. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement blasting the GOP for trying to bring their radical agenda to Michigan:

“Mike Pence’s backing of anti-student, anti-public education figures Betsy DeVos and Tom Barrett is not a surprise — it’s just one example of the GOP’s radical, out-of-touch agenda. Let me be very clear: Republicans like Pence are heading all across the country to spread their extreme agenda against working families, seniors, people with disabilities, and our children. While Pence stumps for candidates like Barrett who voted against things like K-12 funding for his community time and time again in the Michigan Senate, Democrats like Congresswoman Slotkin are fighting for working families by passing legislation to lower costs and ensure our schools have the funding they need. Voters will remember that in November.” 

Here’s what the Republicans have planned for 2023:

  • Taking away funding for public education funding and diverting money to private and charter schools impacting thousands of families who can’t afford to send their children to private schools, but still deserve quality education for their children. 

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