NEW: The GOP Plan to Sunset Medicare and Social Security is Massively Unpopular

“This could create an opening for Republicans to ultimately kill [federal programs including Medicare and Social Security.”

This week, a new Data for Progress and Courier Newsroom poll revealed what Democrats already knew to be true: the Republican plan to sunset Medicare and Social Security is deeply unpopular with voters, including the 2.3 million Michiganders who need Social Security and  the 2.1 million Michiganders who rely on Medicare. 

While President Biden and Michigan Democrats are providing solutions to lower costs for lifesaving drugs like insulin, bolster Social Security, and keep Medicare intact, extremist Republicans are rallying around a plan that would hurt our seniors and Michiganders with disabilities, raise taxes on working families, and end vital federal programs. 

Read about the plan and the impact it would have on Michiganders here: 

The Gander: A Republican Plan to Raise Taxes on Michiganders–and Potentially End Social Security and Medicare–is Massively Unpopular, Poll Shows

Did you know that a top Republican senator introduced a plan that could increase taxes on more than one-third of Michiganders and put Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act in jeopardy?

If you answered ‘no,’ you’re not alone. According to a new Courier Newsroom/Data for Progress poll, 94% of likely voters said they have heard little or nothing at all about Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s 60-page plan to “Rescue America,” with 72% hearing nothing at all. 

When voters learn about Scott’s plan, they overwhelmingly oppose it, with 71% of respondents, including 62% of Republicans, against Scott’s plan. Only 15% of likely voters support it.

Such opposition is not exactly surprising, since the plan would raise taxes on tens of millions of Americans and “sunset” all federal legislation in five years, requiring Congress to re-authorize every federal law, including those governing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. This could create an opening for Republicans to ultimately kill those programs, if they so desire. 

If Scott’s plan were to become law, it could:

  • End Social Security and Medicare for more than 2.1 million Michiganders 
  • End Medicaid coverage for 2.8 million state residents
  • Raise taxes on 38% of Michiganders, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy 
  • Raise taxes on 55% of small businesses in the state, with the typical business paying an extra $800 per year in taxes, according to a White House analysis.

Alyssa Bradley, spokesperson for the Michigan Democratic Party, said the proposal underscored the division between the two parties.

“Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they will end Medicare coverage and Social Security benefits for millions of Michigan seniors and people with disabilities while also raising taxes on 38% of working Michiganders if they win control of Congress in 2022.” Bradley said. “Meanwhile, Democrats are at the forefront of lowering the price of prescription drugs and protecting Michiganders’ benefits—and, come November, voters will remember that.”

The Michigan Republican Party did not respond to a request for comment.

Scott—who in 2018 was worth $260 millionhas defended his plan, even as it could have potentially devastating consequences for seniors, families, and the most vulnerable Michiganders.

The survey of 1,110 likely voters, which was conducted from April 30 to May 3, 2022 also shows that the proposal from the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee—the “only national organization dedicated to taking back the Senate majority”—could be electoral poison for Republicans. 

Forty-seven percent of independent voters said Scott’s plan would make them less likely to vote for Republican candidates for Congress in November, while only 12% said it would make them more likely to vote for him. Forty-one percent said it wouldn’t impact their choice.

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