MDP Calls on James Craig to Immediately Disclose How Many Boards He Sits On and How Much He’s Being Compensated For These Placements

On top of the paid speaking company he launched shortly before announcing his retirement in May, James Craig was caught “scor[ing] a seat” as a paid board member of Palltronics – a company headquartered in Florida. The company is tied to an alleged scheme to defraud a Michigan taxpayer-backed investment fund and the director who recruited Craig remains “entangled in a legal fight.” 

Craig’s campaign “declined to directly answer” both how much he has been compensated for the position or if he has assumed similar roles for other businesses since deciding to run for office. He’s also maintained a “relatively quiet” campaign schedule that has primarily featured appearances on national cable shows with chummy anchors asking softball questions – instead of focusing on the issues facing Michigan families.

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“Today, we are calling on James Craig to immediately disclose which companies are paying him to serve on how many boards and for how much because Michiganders deserve to know which special interests he has been working for behind closed doors while he refuses to engage with Michigan voters. Like his paid speaking company that we still have no answers for, Craig is refusing to clear the most basic bar of transparency.”

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