ICYMI: James Craig Refuses to Disclose Paid Speaking Clients

LANSING — This week, MIRS broke the news that gubernatorial candidate James Craig owns and operates ‘JC Entertainment and Consulting’ a company he established in May in order to “offer himself up for speeches and expert advice.” According to the report, Craig has already fulfilled some speaking commitments.

Notably, Craig has failed to disclose any information regarding who he’s spoken to, how much he’s been compensated, or if he plans to keep this information hidden from Michigan voters as he asks for their votes.

“While James Craig has failed to be accessible to Michiganders during the first few months of his campaign, he has made himself available for speaking roles to the highest bidders,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Michiganders deserve to know who Craig is giving paid speeches to behind closed doors and what promises he’s made them.”

Read MIRS’ report below.

MIRS: Craig Given Speaking Role, Award at Conference

James CRAIG, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, is giving a keynote address Tuesday morning in front of the National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition. […]

The conference is taking place in Phoenix, Ariz.

Since leaving the force earlier this year, Craig launched his own company, JC Entertainment and Consulting, in which he offers himself up for speeches and expert advice. The side gig was a way for Craig to maintain some income post-retirement as he ran for governor.

MIRS has learned he’s given few speeches since his retirement in May, but he’s in “high demand” as groups reach out for guidance on leadership in the public safety arena given his department’s ability to keep public disturbances to a minimum during last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.

It’s not clear if he gave any speeches during the period of time he was exploring a run for governor last summer. Craig’s public accessibility since announcing his candidacy has been limited.

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