ICYMI: AG Nessel Fights Back Against Extreme Anti-Abortion Group Who Endorsed GOP Frontliners

The same organization that endorsed key Republicans in the Michigan House is suing to strip away our freedoms

LANSING — In case you missed it, this week, Attorney General Dana Nessel fought back against the lawsuit brought by extreme anti-abortion group Right to Life of Michigan, which aims to overturn the will of Michiganders who voted overwhelmingly to enshrine abortion access in the Michigan Constitution through Proposition 3.   

Right to Life of Michigan isn’t just using a lawsuit to pursue their cruel and extreme anti-choice agenda. In 2022, they endorsed Michigan Republicans up and down the ballot, who – since that election – have consistently ignored the will of their constituents and attempted to chip away at reproductive freedom in the legislature. Now, these MAGA Republicans are mounting 2024 campaigns, and should they flip the State House back, would no doubt continue to push an unpopular anti-choice agenda and stall all the important work Democrats want to do on behalf of Michiganders.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a reminder of what they’ve done over the past two years – voting against legislation that improves the health and well-being of Michiganders – and why we have no doubt they’ll be a shoo-in for another Right to Life Endorsement as they run for re-election:

And in case you forgot, here are those top targets in the Michigan House who were endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan in 2022 and are trying to take back control in 2024:

  • Minority Leader Matt Hall
  • Rep. Donni Steele
  • Rep. Mark Tisdel
  • Rep. Jamie Thompson
  • Rep. James DeSana
  • Rep. Kathy Schmaltz
  • Rep. Thomas Kuhn
  • Rep. David Martin
  • Rep. Nancy De Boer
  • Rep. Timothy Beson


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