Days Ahead of His Re-Entrance Into the Republican Gubernatorial Primary, James Craig Gets Exposed for His “Listening Tour” With No Witnesses

LANSING — Since his initial July entrance into the Republican race for governor, James Craig has been speaking of a statewide “listening tour” in order for him “understand what the issues are,” per his own words. Now, the Detroit Free Press is exposing Craig’s tour for the sham it always was, reporting that “the tour apparently never materialized.” 

With no listening dates or locations to be spoken of, the only event the Detroit Dodger has managed to hold over the past two months is a disastrous press conference in which he responded to detailed questions about the integrity of our elections and the January 6th insurrection with “scripted, canned talking points.”

Now, Craig is scrambling to justify to Michiganders that his campaign — already plagued by his prolific question-dodging and limited interactions with Michigan reporters and voters alike — isn’t a waste of their time. A spokesman for Craig downplayed the initial characterization of the tour, claiming that he “has been traveling the state for several weeks” but provided no evidence to support it.

“It’s definitely a challenging feat for James Craig to pull off a silent statewide listening tour, but what else can we expect from the guy who shut himself in a soundproof fishbowl in order to avoid Michigan reporters,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Those elusive talents take a backseat however to the Detroit Dodger’s bold claim that he is leading from the front on issues he — by his own admission — doesn’t even know exist. Is he saying then that he still can’t manage a clear answer on the 2020 election, violent insurrection, and reproductive rights because he doesn’t understand just how important those issues are to Michiganders? The time has come for James Craig to publicly share what he’s picked up.”

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