Detroit Dodger: MDP Launches New Accountability Series Ahead of James Craig’s Rumored Re-Entry Into Republican Gubernatorial Primary

LANSING — Despite being officially in the race for governor since late July, Republican James Craig has barely interacted with Michigan reporters and voters alike under the guise of him still “exploring a run.” 

As his “ready…aim…aim…aim…aim” Labor Day deadline approaches to possibly start taking his campaign seriously, MDP is kicking off the ‘Detroit Dodger’ series to hold James Craig accountable. Any candidate that disregards issues that matter to Michiganders for chummy softball interviews with national columnists and cable anchors isn’t a candidate that can credibly claim to ‘lead from the front.’

The party insiders propping up his candidacy will have to find some other way for Craig to keep dodging the key questions that define this race, like where he stands on the legitimacy of our elections, who instigated the insurrection, and why he was for Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 public safety protocols before he was against them. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“For James Craig, only five things matter: dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging. It’s been almost four months since his name has been floated in this race, and all the Detroit Dodger has to show for it is an endless stream of interviews and appearances with national outlets – and almost no interaction with Michigan voters or reporters. It’s clear that the political insiders who handpicked Craig to run are fine with him not answering questions, but Michiganders deserve to know where he stands on key issues like the legitimacy of the 2020 election and other purity tests that have come to define this chaotic and divisive primary.”

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