Will Donald Trump Attack GLRI Funding Again?

LANSING– After a bipartisan House vote to provide critical funding to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Donald Trump is now under pressure to reverse his previous assaults on the program. 

In past budgets Trump has repeatedly threatened the GLRI, including a proposal to completely eliminate the program in his 2018 budget, despite once promising to “restore and protect the Great Lakes.” While he did not get his way, Trump has continued the fight to slash the program’s funding, including a proposal in FY2020 to cut it by 90%.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly broken his promise to protect the Great Lakes, fighting relentlessly to slash critical funding to protect Michigan’s water,” said MDP spokesman Christian Slater. “Now, with bipartisan legislation protecting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative on the table, Michigan voters want to know: will Donald Trump continue his assault on clean water?”

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