While James Craig Dodges Questions, He’s Appeared on Fox News Nearly 20 Times

In totally sidestepping local television, James Craig has taken up residency at Fox News

LANSING — Since his May 7th retirement announcement kicked off a flurry of speculation about the beginnings of a political career, James Craig has made himself comfortable at Fox News, where the potential gubernatorial candidate has appeared 19 times to date. Meanwhile, back home in Michigan, Craig refuses to answer basic questions on the Big Lie and how much he plans to align himself with Trump

It makes sense that Craig has gravitated towards puff interviews conducted by the likes of Laura Ingraham, the Fox and Friends panel, and Tucker Carlson — who landed Craig’s “first interview since he left the Detroit Police Department.” They ask softball questions and have chummy exchanges with Craig that look like this:

The Ingraham Angle — [Laura Ingraham]: Chief Craig you’ve gotta announce it on the show, on this show. You’re our guy OK you gotta come here and make an announcement.

[James Craig]: I’ll tell you what Laura, I’ll do this: after I retire and I make that decision – well should I come on your show or should I come on Tucker’s show? What show should I go on?

America Reports — [John Roberts]: Joining us now is James Craig, the former Detroit chief of police, Chief Craig good to talk with you congratulations by the way on your retirement. I hope it gives you an opportunity to spend more time with us.

[James Craig]: Well I wanna spend more time with you just call me I’ll come. 

As for local television however, Craig has done hits very sparingly. Anchors on the ground get straight to the point with tough questions meant to hold him accountable that he stumbles through:

WDIV 4 — [James Craig]: …I’m a conservative.

[Evrod Cassimy]: Okay. Are you a Trump supporter though?

[JC]: You know, I’m not going to get into politics right now. There’s some things certainly I thought the president did very well. But as I indicated in the presser yesterday — and I know that the Michigan Democrats criticized me for “dodging” as they call it. I didn’t dodge anything. That’s not who I am. 

“It’s certainly a bold strategy to run for office in a state you barely talk to. Michiganders will see right through any candidate’s attempt to boost their political profile with an endless softball gauntlet hosted by friendly partisan anchors they know will never ask for specifics,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Now more than ever, Michigan families need a leader that doesn’t put their fear of being held accountable before the need for their constituents to have their questions answered head-on. Craig should either stop dodging questions or take this vanity tour to an arena with lower stakes.”

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