When the Choice is Between Tudor Dixon’s Extreme Agenda and Law Enforcement, Guess Which She Picks

From her rhetoric, to her refusal to condemn violent militias, to her disastrous budget plan that slash funding for public safety, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon’s agenda is harmful to the law enforcement community and too extreme for Michigan. She has shown Michiganders that she’ll put her wrong-for-Michigan agenda above their concerns to keep their communities safe.

Dixon Downplayed and Defended the Violent Insurrection at the Capitol That Killed and Injured Law Enforcement

One year after the January 6th insurrection that killed five and injured 140 officers in Washington D.C., Tudor Dixon attempted to distract from the violence with a “massive stretch” claiming that it was equal to a peaceful protest conducted by union workers demonstrating against right-to-work legislation. And days later she refused to even acknowledge the events of January 6th, commenting in an interview: “I don’t believe that we had an insurrection.”

And before that, she made a name for herself as a host on far right-wing and Steve Bannon-headlining media outlet Real America’s Voice where she platformed extreme views “for a parade of fringe characters” who also downplayed the insurrection. Hosting an episode of her show on the day after the insurrection, Dixon suggested that “people from both sides” were involved and that it was “potentially” a “combination of maybe Antifa, maybe Trump supporters” who “unknowingly” got drawn into the assault. 

Dixon never pushed back on any of the outlandish statements made on her show, instead often chiming in with responses entertaining and amplifying the dangerous conspiracies theories. In one instance with a conservative activist who penned an essay titled “We Are All Proud Boys,” Dixon stressed that “folks like you…have to get involved in government…so that we can get back the country that we’re losing so quickly.”

Dixon Said She Wasn’t Concerned About Her Running Mate’s Casual Endorsement of Violent Militia Group That Has a History of Assaulting Law Enforcement

Dixon was quick to leap to the defense of her running mate Shane Hernandez after he stood and posed for a photo in front of a flag representing the Three Percenters, a violent militia group that joined forces with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers on the U.S. Capitol steps to harass and physically assault members of law enforcement as they attempted to secure the building.

When asked if she was “concern[ed] about the kind of message that photo sends,” Dixon replied with a “no” and abruptly ended the interview. WATCH below.

Dixon’s Budget Plan Would Slash Funding From Michigan Law Enforcement

Tudor Dixon remains locked into her crusade to force billions in cuts to budgets impacting the critical services that keep our streets safe.

Dixon proposed a “piss-poor public policy proposal” that “those who watch the state’s budget closely said would be catastrophic for funding.” It is estimated to eliminate nearly $12 billion from the budget and $8 billion from the general fund, threatening the “primary funding source” providing over 60% of Michigan State Police budget – over $500 million in recent budgets – and threatening thousands of law enforcement jobs. 

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations warned in 2017 that plans like these “would have a devastating impact on police budgets at the state and local levels” and leave law enforcement “crippled.” Earlier this year, MAPO reiterated their opposition to a similar plan, noting that it “would reduce police protection and create ‘long-term budget problems.’”

Dixon has said she “absolutely” supported “phas[ing] out” funding streams for critical services as quickly as possible. She has yet to identify how or if she would replace the law enforcement funding eliminated by this “dramatic shift in state government operations.” Additionally, Dixon still “has not provided specifics” of how she plans to rip billions out of Michigan’s budget and fully fund law enforcement at the same time.

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