What They’re Saying: Voters are “Disgruntled” as Rogers Quit on Michigan and is “Caught Living in Florida”

Rogers is “actually a Florida Man,” leaving voters “disgruntled

LANSING — Mike Rogers is facing more heat for abandoning Michigan and moving to a million-dollar mansion in Florida. News outlets have reported that Rogers has “suffered a setback” for living in Florida, leaving voters “disgruntled” and calling him out for being a “carpetbagger.”

Here’s the latest on Rogers getting “busted” for living in Florida:

  • News outlets are reporting that it’ll be “difficult” for Rogers as he continues to face scrutiny for his Florida ties.

See for yourself:

Newsweek: Michigan Republican Candidate Caught Living in Florida

  • A Republican hoping to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate suffered a setback to his campaign this week after facing allegations that he lives in Florida.
  • In January, Michigan Advance said Rogers’ campaign told reporters that he was staying at a home owned by his sister-in-law in Brighton, Michigan, pending renovations on a new property he had bought in White Lake Township. The outlet said Rogers owned a large, $1.7 million home in Cape Coral, Florida, which was reportedly his official residence until his decision to run for the U.S. Senate.
  • The allegations have left some voters disgruntled. Several people accused Rogers of being a “carpetbagger,” a term for a candidate seeking election in an area where they have no local connections.
  • “Sounds like something someone from Florida would say when they are trying to run for Senate in Michigan,” one X user said.
  • An X user posted, “Then why aren’t you running in Florida? You live there, after all.”
  • Another told him: “Nothing says ‘proud Michigander’ like someone who packed up, left, moved to Florida, and only came back to run for Senate!”

Mediaite: Oops: Michigan Republican Candidate Is Registered to Vote in Florida 

  • A U.S. Senate candidate in Michigan is actually a Florida Man, according to his voter registration.
  • However, he has something of a Mehmet Oz problem, as he may not be living in the state he hopes to represent in the Senate.
  • According to Michigan Advance, Rogers owns a 4,751-square-foot home in Cape Coral valued at $1.7 million.

Rawstory: Busted: GOP Senate candidate who bragged of Michigan roots exposed as Florida resident

  • According to Newsweek, Rogers is currently living at his sister-in-law’s home in Brighton, Michigan while a home he bought in West Lake Township is undergoing renovations. Michigan Advance reported that Rogers’ official residence was a home in Cape Coral, Florida prior to him announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.
  • However, proving his authentic status as a Michigander may be more difficult to do between now and the time voters cast their ballots…
  • A 4,751 square-foot five-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Cape Coral valued on Zillow at nearly $1.7 million matches the address shown on Rogers’ voter registration in Florida. And according to Lee County, Florida property assessment records, that home is in the name of Rogers, his wife and their family trust. 

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