ICYMI: What They’re Saying: Michigan Republicans Are Broke

LANSING — A Detroit News story that broke over the weekend confirms what we already knew: Republican MAGA extremism is deeply out of touch with Michiganders, and now, the Michigan GOP has less than $100,000 in their accounts. 

At a crucial juncture in the fundraising cycle, the radical Michigan Republican Party is clearly alienating donors with their radical agenda that does nothing to grow the middle class. Unsurprisingly, when Michigan Democrats deliver and the GOP ignores Michiganders’ needs – it hurts their pocketbook.

What are other people saying about their fundraising struggles? Here’s a roundup of quotes: 

  • Former Executive Director of the MI GOP, Jeff Timmer: “That could sound like a lot to the casual observer, but that means they’re functionally bankrupt.”

  • Former Republican Speaker of the House and MI GOP Budget Chair, Tom Leonard: “At this point, any Republican that’s going to be on the ballot in 2024 better be looking for resources and organization outside of the Michigan Republican Party.”

  • Editor-in-chief of Michigan Advance, Susan J Demas: “It’s worth remembering that the vast majority of Republicans who clearly think Karamo raided the MIGOP piggy bank gladly voted for her in 2022 to be in charge of Michigan’s elections and millions of taxpayer dollars.”

  • Former GOP Budget Committee Chair, Matt Johnson: “on the path to bankruptcy,” due to spending “far out of proportion with income.”

  • Political Commentator, Robert Elisberg: “It’s hard to imagine the Michigan GOP has reached this point after giving their party leadership to election conspiratorialist Kristina Karamo who lost her race of Secretary of State by 14 points. Who could have seen this coming??!”
  • Bridge Detroit reporter, Malachi Barrett: “Michigan Republican Party appears “functionally bankrupt” a year before the next presidential election.”


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