What Republicans are Saying: “Can’t Imagine a Worse Candidate” Than “Last Choice” Mike Rogers

LANSING — As Mike Rogers heads to Mackinac Island for the Michigan GOP’s 35th biennial Republican Leadership Conference, Michigan Republicans’ “contentious” primary and “Senate showdown” will be on full display with members of his own party attacking Rogers as a “deep state operative” and the “last choice” in Michigan’s Republican Senate primary.

Here’s what Michigan Republicans are saying about Mike Rogers: 

Republicans are clear about their dislike for Mike Rogers: Republican campaign strategist John Yob said Rogers is his “last choice” in the Michigan Senate race, and Grace Chong, the CFO/COO of Steve Bannon’s WarRoom said, “Never Never Never Mike Rogers.” 

Josh Yob tweet denouncing Mike Rogers Senate candidacy above a campaign graphic

Grace Chong tweet rejecting Mike Rogers' Senate campaign with a screenshot of Caroline Wren on War Room


Republican operative and former Trump staffer Adam Veniotte called Rogers a “deep state operative” whose campaign “should be DOA” (dead on arrival). Caroline Wren, a former top fundraiser for the Trump campaign, said Rogers is “the epitome of Deep State” and said she “can’t imagine a worse or more dangerous ‘Republican’ candidate for Senate than Mike Rogers.”

Adam Veinotte quote tweeting a Rescue Michigan tweet denouncing Mike Rogers for Senate

Caroline Wren tweet denouncing Mike Rogers' campaign

Another Caroline Wren tweet quote tweeting Grace Chong's tweet from above

Caroline Wren tweet quote tweeting a Craig Mauger tweet reporting on Mike Rogers at a diner stop in DeWitt

Republicans are also criticizing Rogers for not voting in Michigan in 2022: citing his statement saying: “I did not vote in Michigan. I had moved to Florida because of some business opportunities down there.”

Caroline Wren tweet with a clip of Mike Rogers talking about why he moved out of Michigan


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