What People Are Saying About James Craig’s Nth Campaign Shakeup

“Lost his second campaign manager in four months” … “Something is going on” … “Indicates a candidate problem, at minimum a lack of judgment” … “Is having a dual-campaign manager setup advisable?” … “When the 3rd one quits, there might still be a 4th one”

Yesterday, the Detroit News detailed that James Craig is weathering yet another shakeup in a bumpy campaign that has been defined by a disastrous campaign reboot, fundraising mailers attacking Michigan State Police as “weak-kneed…underlings,” accusations of sabotage, and “unusual” spending – all while running on a message that “lack[s] specific policy” solutions and still “hasn’t moved out of first gear.” 

After already going through a number of staff changes, the Detroit Dodger and MIGOP-insider favorite parted ways with yet another campaign manager, news that stunned those paying attention to what has been a bitter and divisive Republican gubernatorial primary so far. Read more below for their coverage.

Craig Mauger (Detroit News): Republican James Craig, whom many viewed as the front runner in the GOP primary for Michigan governor, has lost his second campaign manager in four months. 

Deadline Detroit: Craig started out as the clear frontrunner in the Republican race for governor, but others have since entered the contest, and it’s unclear where he now stands.

Chad Livengood (Crain’s Detroit Business): Something is going on in James Craig’s campaign. I’ve had two interviews with him abruptly canceled that were scheduled through a Detroit-area publicist whose only known experience in politics is helping Anthony Adams’ failed campaign for mayor of Detroit. Not exactly GOP cred.

Craig Mauger (Detroit News): This is more progress than I have had getting an interview with Craig lately.

Emily Lawler (MLive): Longtime politicos, fill me in — is having a dual-campaign manager setup advisable? I’ve typically seen that structured as a singular role.

Nicholas Sarwark: Campaign management is a tough gig, but two campaign managers in four months indicates a candidate problem, at minimum a lack of judgment.

John Yob (Craig’s former campaign advisor): The nice thing about appointing Co-Campaign Managers is that when the 3rd one quits, there might still be a 4th one.

Conservative pundit John Sellek: Not many mayors appoint co-police chiefs. 

Conservative pundit Dennis Lennox: I’m still waiting for a refund of my $500.

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