Weekly Roundup: We Have an LG Pick

With just a few less days to go in this election than there are counties in the great state of Michigan, here’s what’s happened at Dixon HQ this week.

Where in the World is Tudor Dixon? 

After she was dragged through the primary with millions from the DeVoses and special interests, Tudor Dixon went dark. In the 17 days since she became the Republican gubernatorial nominee, Dixon has exhibited multiple days of silence and has made more announced appearances out of Michigan’s borders than within them. 

When she hasn’t been holed up in a law firm’s office trying to game out a path forward for her disastrous agenda with representatives from the national Republican Party, she’s been sitting in an undisclosed location for interviews on national cable networks. 

While Dixon severely underestimates just how short 81 days really is, on the world spins, and brings some critical deadlines. 

…Honestly, Who?

Well, Dixon met at least one deadline – barely

One would think the chance to be Lieutenant Governor bears enough gravitas and urgency respectively to have prominent Republicans lining up around the block to be Dixon’s running mate, but Dixon’s silence apparently did not attract a crowd. Two basketball stars passed, as did Ryan Kelley and a whole roster of sitting elected officials. 

So with an hour left to go until a name was due to the MIGOP, Dixon settled on…Shane Hernandez. Given the fact that the former 2-term state representative said *as recently as this morning* that “he had not been offered the lieutenant governor position by Dixon and had not spoken to her about it,” we’re going to assume that’s because Dixon was still scrambling for a choice.

She found one in Hernandez, who has made banning abortion without exceptions a priority throughout his brief legislative career. Like Dixon, expect Hernandez to be equally cozy to special interests as the two work hand-in-hand to dismantle public education, slash funding for infrastructure and law enforcement, and drag Michigan backwards.

Go With What You Know

The pick of Hernandez is unlikely to quell concerns among significant portions of Republicans that the top of the ticket is dominated by establishment puppets here to do the bidding of the DeVoses and other special interests. Case in point, Garrett Soldano is mulling a floor coup to be LG instead. So what is Tudor doing to shore up her excitement deficit? Enlisting the help of an out-of-state establishment governor of course! Governor Glenn Youngkin will be parachuting in from Virginia to tout her wrong-for-Michigan agenda in his convention keynote as a fellow staunch opponent of reproductive freedom.

And of course, Dixon isn’t shying away from her DeVos roots either. Betsy went so far as to shout Dixon and Youngkin out in her latest op-ed better described as her roadmap to gutting public education as we know it in Michigan, as she has in other states.
What else is to be expected from the same person who said abolishing the Department of Education should be a pillar of the GOP platform?

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