Weekly Roundup: Rigged Straw Poll Getaway, Soldano’s Big Saturday, and All 12 Candidates on Display

What better way to kick off spooky season than with another frightful look at this crowded and messy gubernatorial primary? Here’s what our favorite 12 (yes, twelve) Republicans were up to this week.

Following a busy weekend on Mackinac Island, at least one candidate was armed with proof that the MIGOP rigged the straw poll in the same manner they’re approaching the primary at large.

At the top of the week, Tudor Dixon threw out the bold claim that “several opposition ‘volunteers’” were told they’d receive “a weekend getaway in exchange for their vote.” Is the getaway somewhere you may want to wear – just spitballing here – a long sleeve dark blue t-shirt with 60 of your closest friends? Our DMs are open, Tudor!

An honorable mention is in order to MLive for managing to ask every gubernatorial candidate – yes, even Detroit Dodger James Craig – to identify what their top policy priority was and how much of an iron grip 2020 conspiracy theories still hold over their campaigns. Granted, this field was predictably light on answers but it was nice to see them all in one article. You can read it here

What we did get answers on however was just how deep the anti-choice extremism runs for at least one more candidate in the field. Tudor Dixon joined James Craig this week in his “unapologetic” endorsement of Michigan’s atrocious 1931 law. 

Otherwise, Garrett Soldano may be the winner of the week after he managed to pull, by his count, over 3,000 (!) people to his counter-Mackinac event in Antrim county. Numbers like that, that you don’t have to incentivize to show up, almost a whole year away from the primary has to have a few party insiders hitting the panic alarm or at least eyeing it. We’d say they might have to add some fingers to the thumbs already on the scale, but MIGOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock beat us to it with a visit to kiss the ring this week. 

Have a great weekend!

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