Weekly Roundup: Michigan Dems Protect Health Care & Lower Costs, While MIGOP Prioritizes Special Interests

Michigan Senate Dems passed not one, but two bill packages to improve health care in Michigan, while local outlets continue to expose MIGOP’s true colors 

LANSING — This week, Michigan Democrats were laser-focused on making a better, more affordable health care system that ensures reproductive freedom for all Michiganders. Between Gov. Whitmer signing legislation to codify key provisions of the ACA and the state Senate making huge strides on defending abortion rights, Democrats are once again delivering on their promises.

On the other side of the aisle, Michigan Republicans had another week for the books where they tried to hide their radical anti-abortion stances and intense hypocrisy when it comes to ties to Chinese state-owned corporations. They also had the gall to hold a tone-deaf press conference in favor of pumping oil through the aging and dangerous Line 5 pipeline – on the same day another oil pipeline ruptured, spilling thousands of gallons of oil in Branch County. 

Once again, one party is actually working to help people in our state, while the other is busy trying to hide its blatant extremism and the threat it poses to Michigan — take a guess who’s who.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out the news from the week below: 

First, MLive highlighted the shady ties between Michigan Republicans and the firm Avisa Partners, which seems to have taken a leading role in attacking Michigan Democrats for the Gotion Project. As a reminder, Michigan Republicans have attempted to hit Democrats for alleged China connections, ignoring all the good jobs that Gotion will bring to Michigan. 

Now, it turns out that the very firm that may be behind the numerous hits has ties to Chinese state-owned companies: 

MLive: Mystery group stirs up criticism of battery plants linked to China 

  • The EV Taxpayer Task Force has worked hard to mask its identity. It has no named representatives or backers. The group is not listed as a registered nonprofit with the IRS, a political committee with the Federal Election Commission or a business in Michigan or other states. It has no address or phone number.
  • Their website offers a single clue: the URL is registered to an employee of a French company named Avisa Partners, a company that specializes in what it calls “indirect digital influence activities and online campaigns.” 
  • The firm has repeatedly made headlines for its work. French investigative journalists found Avisa Partners engaged in online manipulation campaigns, including systematically editing Wikipedia pages for major multinational corporations and the authoritarian leaders of countries like Chad and Kazakhstan. 

Then, MAGA Matt Hall, in typical fashion was silent after his fellow extremist Reps. DeSana, Maddock, and Carra meddled in the affairs of a school board in Hall’s own district — a two-hour drive from their districts. What were they so upset about, you ask? The school board following federal and state guidelines. As we have come to expect, MAGA Matt Hall again refused to comment on or condemn his fellow extremists’ actions, even as they affected his constituents: 

MIRS: Maddock Wants School Board Members In Hall’s District Ousted

  • Rep. Matt MADDOCK (R-Milford) said earlier this week that he will work to replace “each and every” school board member in Vicksburg — which is in the district of House Minority Leader Matt HALL (R-Kalamazoo) – for following federal and state guidelines on transgender student bathroom use…
  • “I’m looking forward to the day when every single one of you is challenged and replaced because you are not a match for this district. You are not a match for this community,” Maddock said. “What you’re doing to our children is vile.”
  • Hall declined to comment on the development.

Topping it all off, the MIGOP decided to hold a presser in support of continuing to pump oil through Line 5, despite the major risks to Michiganders’ natural resources and economy, on the very same day that thousands of gallons of oil were spilled in Branch County from another pipeline rupture. Naturally, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes was ready to call them out:

“Michigan Republicans clearly don’t live in reality as our communities continue to experience devastating oil spills that have the potential to threaten our very wellbeing,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Line 5 is a ticking timebomb that could destroy jobs and devastate our economic prosperity as a state. It’s time that Republicans stop shilling for the same oil companies that continue to jack up the price of gas and endanger Michiganders with their reckless pipelines.”

Strong work Republicans! 

Now let’s take a look at the party working to build a brighter Michigan, despite extremist Republicans standing against these measures:

Governor Whitmer signed into law the codification of provisions in the Affordable Care Act that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, restricted lifetime caps on coverage, and allowed children to stay on their parents’ insurance until 26: 

The Gander: Whitmer signs bills to protect affordable healthcare for millions of Michiganders

  • Legislation signed into law this week by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer aims to protect health care access for all Michiganders and make it harder for the federal government or the US Supreme Court to claw back health care access…
  • The legislation signed this week was passed without the support of dozens of Republican lawmakers—including every member of the so-called “House Freedom Caucus”—who earned a sharp rebuke this week from Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes.
  • “Once again, extremist Michigan Republicans voted against common-sense, cost-saving legislation that protects Michiganders,” she said in a statement. “While we know these extremists will continue to side with Big Pharma, Michigan Democrats will keep fighting for Michiganders’ pocketbooks—because every Michigander deserves quality, affordable care.”

Then, Michigan Senate Dems passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) to repeal medically unnecessary and cumbersome laws around reproductive care. 

Upon passage, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes said:

“This landmark legislation proves that Michigan Democrats will continue to defend reproductive rights for all Michiganders. Democrats are hard at work improving the health care system in Michigan, while Republicans continue to try and put up barriers to necessary care. We know that reproductive freedom is crucial for everyone’s well-being, and we will fight to keep politicians out of the doctor’s office and medical decisions strictly between patients and providers.”

It was a busy week for everyone, and Democrats look forward to serving Michiganders next week and every week after. 

Signing off, 

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