Weekly Roundup: Dems Fight for Freedom and the Future

On a holiday marking our first step towards democracy, Michigan Dems are reminding voters that democracy must be fought for every day

LANSING — Dems were busy this week getting the word out about the stakes of this November’s election for our fundamental freedoms. All week, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes was reminding voters of President Biden’s years of investing in Michiganders and protecting our most sacred rights from all too common MAGA attacks.

Yesterday, Chair Barnes used the holiday to highlight how the very freedoms our founding fathers fought for, autonomy, freedom from tyranny, and right to self-determination, are under threat this November. Dems are fighting against MAGA maniacs who seek to control our bodies, our economy, and our country. 

For our families, our friends, and our freedoms — we will never give up fighting for Michigan. 

Check out more from this week below: 

Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes kicked off the week by contrasting the historic accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration with the many failures of the Trump administration. From Biden expanding health care to lowering costs for families, it is clear which candidate cares about the middle class and which only cares about himself. Locally and nationally, Chair Barnes uplifting this contrast: 

CBS Detroit: Michigan Democratic Party chair reiterates their commitment to supporting Biden

  • The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party is reiterating their support for President Joe Biden following the president’s shaky debate performance last week. Party Chair Lavora Barnes said that if voters wanted another option on the Democratic side, they could have voted differently in the presidential primary. 
  • “[Discussing other candidates] isn’t productive at all because we have a candidate,” she said. “We have chosen a candidate the voters have chosen, and that candidate is President Biden.” 

On Thursday, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes celebrated the 4th of July holiday by reminding voters that our freedoms must be fought for each and every day. This holiday marks the historic first steps towards our own independent democracy, but democracy requires protection from those that seek to destroy it: 

“This election, at its core, is about our freedoms as Americans. It’s about what kind of future we want for our country: one where our fundamental freedoms are protected or one where Trump and his MAGA agenda rip them away. At the end of the day, Trump and his MAGA cronies want total control – over our bodies to take away reproductive freedom, over our economy to give billionaires more power and the middle class less, and over our democracy so that they can choose who wins. 

“Republicans don’t care about our most basic rights, and they certainly don’t care about Michiganders and our families. Time and time again, Trump has incited violence, created chaos, and attempted to drag us back decades — we can’t let that happen again. This Independence Day is a reminder that we must send President Biden and Vice President Harris back to the White House to continue protecting our freedom and building a brighter future with Democrats up and down the ballot.”

Happy holiday weekend from us and ours to you and yours! Til next week. 

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