Weekly Roundup: A Whirlwind Week of Dems Delivering and MAGA MIGOP Mired in Mismanagement

As Democrats continue to protect reproductive freedom, Michigan Republicans focus on pushing frivolous lawsuits to overturn Prop 3 while their leadership descends into chaos and debt

LANSING — This week, Democrats were focused on expanding accessible reproductive care for all Michiganders while Michigan Republicans tried to override voters’ voices on Prop 3. You would think they’d be too busy dealing with their constant infighting, trying to sell a building they don’t own, managing their $500,000 of debt, and diving into a “caustic” Senate primary, but somehow they managed to also find time in their schedule to try to rip reproductive rights away. 

Democrats in the legislature kept their nose on the grindstone this week, not only defending abortion rights in the face of increasingly aggressive opposition but also repealing drug immunity for pharmaceutical companies and sending the Clean Energy Package to the Governor’s desk. Now, as the legislative session comes to a close, Michiganders will begin to feel the impact of this hard work in their checkbooks and in their communities.

Check out the stark contrast between the parties below: 

Tuesday’s election gave Michiganders another chance to let their voices be heard. The Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes celebrated our democracy, saying: 

As counties across Michigan hold elections today for mayor, school board, and city council, Democrats know that ensuring every eligible voter can make their voice heard is vital to the health of our democracy. There are no off years, and Michigan Democrats are taking nothing for granted as we organize year-round to get out the vote. As extremist Republicans try to undermine our democracy and force their backward agenda onto Michigan, each election is a chance for Michiganders to stand up for what they believe in. No matter if it’s a local race today or next year’s presidential election – Democrats are always proud to show up and vote.” 

Thankfully, Michigan Dems in the legislature kept last week’s good vibes rolling by passing the Reproductive Health Act and sending it to the Governor’s desk: 

The Gander: Dems pass Reproductive Health Act to return ‘power of personal choice’ to Michiganders

  • “For years, Michigan has had politically motivated and medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion on the books. These laws criminalized doctors for providing medical care, jacked up out of pocket health care costs, and imposed needless regulations on health centers,” Whitmer said in a statement after the bills were passed…
  • The newly passed bills repeal a raft of unnecessary (and cost prohibitive) state rules that have effectively prevented new clinics from opening their doors in underserved areas of the state…
  • In a statement, the Michigan Democratic Party labeled the bills “a huge step forward,” but also noted “more work to do” to further strengthen abortion rights and access in Michigan. Whitmer has also vowed to “continue to take action” to protect access to reproductive health care.

Then, Michigan Republicans and their national right-wing allies once again tried to shove their radical agenda down Michigan’s throat to override the voice of the people: 

Detroit News: Right to Life sues to block Michigan’s voter-approved abortion rights law 

  • The lawsuit asks for a permanent injunction stopping enforcement of Proposal 3, which is now written into the state constitution as the “right to reproductive freedom.”…
  • Abortion became a pivotal issue in Michigan’s November 2022 election, with 57% of voters supporting the measure to recognize and safeguard abortion rights through a constitutional amendment…
  • The Michigan Democratic Party noted on social media that voters had chosen to protect abortion rights. “Now a group of Republican state legislators and their extremist allies are trying to overturn your vote. Sound familiar? Republicans have no respect for Michigan voters or our democracy,” the party’s official account on X said. 

Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes highlighted the entire MIGOP’s unpopular, extremist position on abortion: 

“The Michigan GOP has proven time and time again their disdain for democracy, and now, they are weaponizing that hatred to attack our reproductive freedom. Democrats have fought hard to undo Republican anti-abortion laws and ensure that reproductive freedom is a fundamental right here in Michigan. This lawsuit is just another extremist attempt to overturn the will of the people on one of the most important issues facing us – and Democrats will fight it every step of the way.”

As if this chaos wasn’t enough, Peter Meijer entered the disastrous Republican Senate primary, already filled with recent Florida resident Mike Rogers and disgraced former police chief James Craig: 

Detroit Free Press: Peter Meijer joins Rogers, Craig, others in race for Michigan’s GOP Senate nomination

  • It was clear Meijer would not run with the support of the national Republican establishment. Jason Thielman, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), told Politico… Meijer “isn’t viable in a primary election, and there’s worry that if Meijer were nominated, the base would not be enthused in the general election.” 
  • Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Lavora Barnes put out a statement Monday saying, “Michigan Republicans’ nasty, chaotic Senate primary is getting even messier. Their intra-party fight is guaranteed to leave them with a nominee who is badly damaged and out of step with working families.” 

Then, the AP reported on growing support to remove Kristina Karamo as Chair of the MIGOP amid financial woes and infighting in the increasingly divided party. While we doubt she’s stepping down anytime soon, we know that there are plenty of extremists in the Karamo-MAGA Matt Hall GOP to take her place and pursue their own radical agenda:

AP: Effort to remove Michigan GOP chair builds momentum as infighting and debt plague party

  • It’s a swift fall for Karamo, an election conspiracy theorist who in February was overwhelmingly elected by grassroots activists to lead the state party… 
  • Many party members who supported Karamo’s candidacy have lost faith, and infighting has consumed the GOP in recent months. It escalated to the point of a physical altercation during an executive committee meeting on July 8.
  • “I regret to say that after much thought and reflection, I have become convinced that Kristina Karamo cannot lead us in this effort and it is upon us, the State Committee, to replace her and move our party forward,” [Daniel] Lawless wrote in an email to other state committee members that was obtained by the AP.

Congrats to everyone for surviving another busy week in Michigan politics! We hope everyone has a restful long weekend celebrating Veterans Day and honoring all those who have fought for our freedom and safety. 

Thank you to all the veterans in Michigan and across the country for your bravery and sacrifice! 

Signing off, 

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