WATCH: Tudor Dixon’s Agenda: Not Common, Makes No Sense

The Michigan Democratic Party is releasing a new video highlighting Tudor Dixon’s regular embrace of dangerous and bizarre conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. 

DeVos and special interest sellout Dixon – who just made headlines for saying that a 14 year old who was raped by a family member is a “perfect example” of why abortion should be banned – has a long history of dangerous fringe ideas and baseless conspiracy theories. 

WATCH the new video here and read the full transcript at the bottom:

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“If Tudor Dixon’s dangerous agenda to ban abortion without exceptions and dismantle public schools hadn’t already made clear how wrong-for-Michigan she is, her obsession with baseless and bizarre conspiracy theories is sure to show Michiganders how damaging a Dixon administration would be. Despite insiders’ last-ditch effort to prop up her candidacy, no amount of special interest money from her backers will be able to cover up or explain years of fringe ideas and wrong-for-Michigan plans.”

Video transcript:

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Tudor Dixon says she believes in “common sense.” Common sense like:

TUDOR DIXON: This is one of the most important, certainly the most important election of our lifetime. Look at where we are in this country now, Natalie! And we had Mark Zuckerberg putting money in to alter the results.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Mark Zuckerberg stole the 2020 election (?)

DIXON: This is a business model of Planned Parenthood: introduce sex when they’re seventh graders and you have plenty of abortions in high school.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Planned Parenthood… is convincing 7th graders to have sex and get abortions

DIXON: If Democrats had their way right now, we would not have any clothes and we’d be walking everywhere. We’d be walking in loincloth!

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Democrats… want everyone to be naked

DIXON: Gretchen Whitmer supports the abuse of children at our southern border. The organization that Gretchen Whitmer has decided to represent is the cartels.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Gretchen Whitmer… is conspiring with drug lords (???)

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Tudor Dixon’s positions. Not Common. Makes no sense.

DIXON: They shouldn’t vote for me.

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