WATCH: Michigan Reporters Recap James Craig’s “Old News” Campaign Reboot That Once Again Left Voters Without Answers

“I kind of walked away wondering what his top issue was” … “Where does James Craig stand?”

LANSING — On the most recent installment of Tim Skubick’s ‘Off the Record’ show on WKAR, panelists and local reporters Chad Livengood (Crain’s Business Detroit), Emily Lawler (MLive), Zoe Clark (Michigan Public Radio), and Jim Kiertzner (WXYZ-TV), discussed Detroit Dodger James Craig’s sustained refusal to answer questions about a wide range of issues to the point that he had more to say about those that are not his priorities, such as infrastructure.

WATCH and read excerpts below on how Michigan reporters reacted to Craig’s disastrous reboot tour that once again left Michiganders largely in the dark about what his candidacy would look like and focus on:

First, Zoe Clark highlighted that despite staging a reboot tour that featured multiple events and press conferences spanning several Michigan cities, there was little to show for it in terms of clarity on the issues.

Zoe Clark (Michigan Public Radio): One of the things then that sort of gets overseen — and maybe this is part of the playbook — is conversations about policy. Where does James Craig stand? […] Tim, I know you talked to him earlier in the week about where his stances on abortion are in at least instances of rape and incest and he said he’s still trying to figure this out. He seemed botched about whether or not infrastructure is a top priority of his. We’re spending time talking about this rollout, which is being used for fundraising and Tucker Carlson…but what gets lost in all this is his stances on issues that he still has not necessarily sat down and explained.

Then, Skubick pointed out there was nothing fresh about the point of Craig’s tour since he’s been a candidate since July 21st.

Tim Skubick: The problem for Mr. Yob and company in the campaign was [Craig’s] announcement of running for governor was what we call in the biz “old news.” This was not new news, folks.

Lastly, Emily Lawler explained how she pressed Craig to identify a top issue to no avail. 

Tim Skubick: Was there a lede policy-wise out of this thing?

Emily Lawler (MLive): No, actually. He started talking — obviously his background is in law enforcement, he talked a lot about law enforcement particularly because of the protestors I think. But I asked him at the end of the press conference if that was his top issue and he said no and I kind of walked away wondering what his top issue was.

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