WATCH: MDP Welcomes James Craig To The Race With New Video Detailing The Many Key Questions He’s Refused To Answer For Michiganders

LANSING — Now that James Craig is an official entrant into the Republican primary for governor — a fact that is clear to everyone but him and his Lansing handlers — Michigan Democratic Party released a new video highlighting the wide range of questions he’s refused to answer for months on end.

Craig has done little to downplay his preference for national cable shows over local outlets that would hold him accountable, sitting down for chummy, soft-hitting interviews with anchors like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham nearly 30 times since May.

WATCH the new video here and read the full transcript below.

VO: Michigan Republicans are headed towards a brutal primary with some of the most extreme candidates in the country, and the latest to join is James Craig. There’s a lot we don’t know about Craig, because he’s been dodging basic questions.

Evrod Cassimy: Okay. Are you a Trump supporter though?

James Craig: You know, I’m not going to get into politics right now.

EC: Okay.

VO: Craig won’t say where he stands on healthcare, education, even roads. So what do we know about James Craig? We know political insiders are fighting to run his campaign. We know Craig has no plans to grow our economy, and said he wants more guns on the streets of Detroit. We also know he praised Governor Whitmer’s leadership before he was against her. With no plans or answers, James Craig is wrong for Michigan.

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