Tudor Dixon’s Gratitude Tour Continues, Thanks DeVos Family and Special Interests for Dragging Her Campaign Across the Finish Line

Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon has spent the days following her primary win catering to the special interests that dragged her across the finish line

Here she is saying so on Paul W. Smith’s radio show this week:

PAUL W. SMITH: […] Yes, Donald Trump most recently endorsed you. But before that, Dick DeVos came on my program and announced that the DeVos family was backing you. […] And meanwhile, even though everything nationally is being talked about President Trump, I think the DeVos support is very, very important as well, what do you think?

TUDOR DIXON: Absolutely. […] And I credit those people with moving me across that finish line, they helped in a way that I couldn’t have done on my own. 

Dixon’s statements reflect the truth of where her support really came from.

After the DeVos family publicly lined up behind her, the intense bankrolling from the “kingmakers in Michigan politics” was soon to follow. By the end of the primary, PACs supporting Dixon spent “a combined $2.18 million” aiding Dixon’s campaign, half of which came entirely from the DeVoses. One PAC running the majority of the airwave interference propping up Dixon’s campaign received $1 million from the wealthy clan.

Since the latest financial report, one PAC put five figures on the radio, another threw in $100,000, a different one “reserved $103,000 worth of airtime,” and Susan B. Anthony List announced they would be parachuting in six figures. That is on top of the $200,000 the anti-choice group had spent in-state previously. The avalanche of special interest influence only managed to net her 40% of the vote.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Tudor Dixon has made clear whose interests she’ll represent – the special interests responsible for dragging her through the primary. After they poured millions into the race, Dixon has credited them with her victory and promises to implement their dangerous agendas to gut public education and enact an extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother. Michigan deserves more than a bought-and-paid-for candidate who can be sold to the highest bidder.”

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