Tudor Dixon Flocks to CPAC in Dallas to Generate Support From Out-of-State Far Right Activists

LANSING — James Craig isn’t the only gubernatorial figure bending over backwards to appeal to political insiders. According to new reporting from the national outlet, Tudor Dixon went all the way to Dallas, TX this weekend to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

With a July 20th campaign finance filing deadline on the horizon, Dixon openly shared that her primary goal is “honestly to just bring any money in right now” with no apparent regard to which state she’ll actually need votes from. 

Dixon is drawing from the same playbook as nickel thief John James, hoping that CPAC can serve as the same springboard to becoming a Republican darling. And like James Craig, she’s been “building a [campaign] apparatus” featuring several political consultants to combat a “stacked GOP primary field.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“Between James Craig’s 20+ appearances on national outlets over the past month and Tudor Dixon sitting down for interviews and hitting the national conservative speaker circuit, it seems both are more interested appealing to political insiders and extremists than being governor of Michigan. Appealing to actual, in-state Michiganders isn’t some part-time hobby. It’s a privilege that requires strong leadership now more than ever to keep putting our families first. Governor Whitmer understands the assignment fully, which is why Michigan is currently enjoying the strongest economic recovery in the Midwest and unemployment is the lowest it’s been since March 2020.”

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