Trump’s Inadequate COVID-19 Response Leaves Michigan Medical Workers Endangered

“I need my job but I am risking my own health everyday now”
“It’s getting worse day by day”

LANSING– Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response has left Michigan medical workers on the front lines of fighting the global pandemic without the protective equipment they need to avoid contracting the virus just a month after Trump called the disease a “hoax,” and downplayed the threat.

Despite a recent shipment of goods to Michigan, the amount falls far short of what’s needed, with one hospital receiving “barely enough to cover one shift.” The latest report on the failed government response comes after weekend reports of Michigan nurses and doctors managing major supply shortfalls, with whole hospital divisions lacking protective masks and nurses unable to get tested after caring for sick patients. 

“Donald Trump recklessly ignored warnings, called coronavirus a ‘hoax,’ and is now leaving those responsible to care for and save  the lives of Michiganders without the protective gear they need,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “Trump failed to respond to the COVID-19 threat and Michigan’s doctors and nurses – and the patients they are desperate to help – are paying the price.”

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