Trump’s Broken Promises Leave Michigan Workers Behind

“Donald Trump offers Michigan workers nothing more than lip service and lies.” —MDP Chair Lavora Barnes

LANSING — Yesterday, as Mike Pence visited Detroit to claim “the American economy is booming,” U.S. Steel announced plans to lay off almost 200 Michigan steelworkers.

The layoffs come after repeated lies by Trump claiming U.S. Steel was “building eight or nine plants” and “hiring thousands of workers all over the country,” and represent the latest in a string of his broken promises. Despite Trump’s claims to fight for Michigan workers, he has time and again put special interests and his rich friends first, working to strip health care from everyday Americans and slash Medicare and Social Security while passing a tax scam to benefit corporations and the wealthy.

  • Trump: “U.S. Steel’s building eight or nine plants. They’re expanding plants. I don’t think there’s any industry like what’s happened to steel in the last nine months, 10 months, since I really started doing what I’m doing.” [Trump Remarks At A Press Conference On Trade, Washington DC, 10/1/18]
  • Trump: “We love our steel workers, and our steel workers are going back to work in record numbers, you notice?” [Trump Remarks On Trade, Granite City IL, 7/26/18]

“Donald Trump offers Michigan workers nothing more than lip service and lies,” MDP Chair Lavora Barnes said. “His failed agenda has devastated working families throughout the state, and Michigan voters are ready to hold him accountable for his broken promises.”


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