Trump Attacks Michigan Seniors As New Report Highlights Mortality Rate Among Detroit-Area Seniors

As Donald Trump attacks funding for Social Security and Medicare with his executive orders, a new report today highlights the disproportionate mortality rate among Detroit-area seniors.

The report finds that Wayne County seniors are dying at over twice the rate of older adults in Michigan, and cites racial disparities in access to health care as a major contributor. The release of the study comes as Trump signed orders unilaterally gutting funding for Social Security and Medicare, potentially slashing the two critical programs.

“This president’s inability to get a handle on the pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on Michiganders,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “Today’s report is a shocking reminder of that reality. At a time when seniors in our state desperately need economic support and security, this president is inexplicably attacking Social Security and Medicare. We need a president who’s up to the task in confronting this virus and supporting Michiganders struggling to find their footing. Donald Trump continuously shows us he’s the opposite of that leader.”

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