Trump-Aligned Group’s Ad Attacks Romney as “Democrat Secret Asset” — Will John James Choose Trump or Still Fundraise With Romney This Month?

Club For Growth Backed James in 2018 and Donated $8,200 to His Campaign, Now Attacking Romney

James Slated to Join Romney Fundraiser with Republicans Who “Need Daylight from Trump” In NYC

Failed Senate candidate John James’ 2000% support for President Trump is being put to the test as the ultra-conservative group Club for Growth is now running ads attacking James’ newest fundraising ally, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, for his criticism of Trump. James is set to attend a fundraiser hosted by Romney in New York City for Republican candidates who “need daylight from Trump.” Club for Growth backed James in 2018 and contributed $8,200 to his failed Senate campaign, and Trump is James’ “No. 1 ally.” But now that Romney is drawing fire from Trump’s defenders, who will James choose – Romney or Trump?

John James has been struggling to deal with his close ties to Trump since launching his second bid for Senate this year. James tried to erase social media posts highlighting his “2000%” support for the president and his agenda, and was caught cropping Trump’s name out of pictures. Polling consistently shows Trump underwater in Michigan by double digits, and even the Trump campaign itself is “pessimistic” and “increasingly grim” about their chances of winning the state this time around.

So now James has a choice: Will he keep seeking “daylight from Trump” with Romney, or will he decide to skip the NYC fundraiser? 

“Now that a Trump-aligned outside group is running ads attacking Mitt Romney, will John James still fundraise with him in New York City later this month?” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “No matter how much he needs daylight from Trump, James can’t escape the facts about his 2000% support for this president and his toxic agenda. One thing is clear: John James’ Trump identity crisis is only getting more complicated as the cycle continues.”


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