Voter Protection Voter Roll Project

We need your help to help make sure that no Michigan voter is mistakenly removed from our voter registration rolls. 

The Secretary of State is in the process of updating Michigan’s voter rolls, the lists of individuals who are eligible to vote in an election. About 177,000 voter registrations are scheduled for cancellation in early March because the state has reason to believe the voter has moved away from the registration address. These individuals either surrendered a Michigan Driver’s License to another state or had election mail returned undeliverable to an election official prior to the 2018 election. In most cases, these individuals were sent a notification prior to the 2018 election requiring a response, did not respond to the notice and did not engage in any voting activity in at least the last two federal election cycles.

The Michigan Democratic Party is holding virtual phone banks to contact voters slated for cancellation to ensure that voters who still live at their registered address have an additional opportunity to prevent cancellation. If you’re interested in helping out in this important effort, please join a phone bank below:

Please share these links with family and friends – every call makes a difference. 

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