VAN/Voter File

VAN is a powerful resource for running successful field campaigns here in Michigan, from City Commission to U.S. President. Tools for analysis, targeting, and voter outreach are at your finger-tips with a powerful voter database designed for progressive campaigns. 

VAN Resources

Higher level articles on VAN and Michigan specific features/policies.

Step-by-step guide to most functions in VAN.

Step-by-step guide to most functions in miniVAN

VAN Trainings

MDP Monthly

Office hours:
Mondays 6 PM
Thursdays 11 AM

Get a 1-on-1 training
with our VAN

Who can access VAN?

Democratic Candidates for Public Office

We provide VAN to all Democratic candidates for public office, from drain commissioner to U.S. President. You’ll get your own VAN Account, Support and Volunteer Questions, along with targeting and modeling for your district. Candidates are expected to be members of the Michigan Democratic Party and contribute a small fee to help the shared data ecosystem here in Michigan. 

Chartered MDP Clubs, Caucuses, and County Parties

We provide VAN access for free to all chartered MDP clubs, Caucuses, and County Parties to facilitate year round organizing and party building. To get access, the Chair of the club/caucus/county party can reach out to us at [email protected] .

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