Male DNC Member Vacancy Declaration of Intent

Pursuant to Article 2.15 of the Rules of the Michigan Democratic Party, all members seeking election to high party office must declare their candidacy by 11:59 pm on November 11, 2021. Any candidate seeking election as Democratic National Committee Member must complete this form. Any candidate failing to file their intent will not be eligible for consideration on December 11th. All information in this form will be published on

The following candidates submitted their form by the November 11, 2021 deadline. Please contact Hayley Alderman ([email protected]) with questions or concerns.

Antar Nasser517-677-5665[email protected]
Neil Sroka847-219-8491[email protected]
Steven Dawes810-577-7751[email protected]
Walid Saleh Fidama313-377-0818[email protected]
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