Content Toolkit – American Rescue Plan

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Help is here. @POTUS‘ American Rescue Plan will send struggling Americans $1,400 direct payments, invest in a national vaccination strategy, and help safely reopen schools. 
  • Michigan Democrats are delivering for Michiganders.  #HelpisHere
  • Biden and Democrats kept their promise. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, direct checks and resources for vaccinations are on the way. #HelpIsHere
  • Democrats, Republican, and Independent voters overwhelmingly support @POTUS‘ American Rescue Plan. Democrats got to work to make it a reality, while Republicans voted to leave families high and dry. #HelpIsHere
  • While Democrats were working to send working families $1,400 checks and make the necessary investments to get more Americans vaccinated, Republicans were playing political games. #HelpIsHere

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