Today, James Craig Has Four Scheduled Stops in the Upper Peninsula. Is This His First Time Campaigning There?

LANSING — Since before he officially entered the Republican gubernatorial primary on July 21st, James Craig has been teasing a listening tour that “apparently never materialized” with no dates, times, locations, or proof to ever surface on it. 

And as part of the third and final day of his disastrous campaign reboot tour, he has four Upper Peninsula stops on the schedule including a press conference in Marquette. 

Our question for the Detroit Dodger is simple — Has he actually been to Mackinaw City, Newberry Township, Escanaba, or Marquette in a political capacity before or is this his first time? And if so, where did he end up going on that listening tour?

“We aren’t asking for much here, but we know answers are hard to come by when attempting to get them from Detroit Dodger James Craig,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “But if that listening tour indeed took place, it should be easy for Craig to answer where he’s been, and whose input, perspectives, and priorities he ‘listened’ to. Why hide outreach attempts to your would-be constituency? Someone this resistant to exhibiting even the most basic forms of transparency can’t be a candidate that claims to lead from the front.”

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